Fun And Festive Centerpieces Ideas For A Baby Shower

If you are in charge of hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member, you are most likely excited to have guests see the end results of the preparations you worked on so hard to make the party a success. The tables where guests will be seated will need to be decorated for the event, giving the aura of celebratory joy. Here are some fun ideas you can use in the creation of a centerpiece for each of the tables guests will be using during the baby shower.

Rubber Duck Centerpiece And Giveaway

Consider having a rubber duck themed baby shower for someone who does not yet know the sex of their baby. This is a neutral theme that many find to be very cute. On each table, place a large clear plastic bowl filled with clear plastic balls in a few sizes. Add a giant rubber duck to complete the look of a duck swimming in a tub. For each member at the table, give a small glass fish bowl filled with clear marbles and topped with a small rubber duck. This will be a hit with both adults and children at the event.

Festive Tealight Candles And Floral Arrangements

Make your own candle holders to give the tables a relaxing and whimsical appearance. Many use floral arrangements accompanied with candles to decorate a table. Supply a glass vase filled with blue or pink flowers and then surround it with small tealight candles around the perimeter to highlight the table nicely. Make sure the candles are placed in holders tall enough to contain them so they do not accidentally tip over. Using candle holders at different heights will also give the table a unique look.

Bucket Of Clothing And Clothesline Centerpieces

If you wish to give the guest of honor an additional gift with the centerpieces used, place a small laundry basket in the middle of each table and have each guest bring a few articles of clothing to set inside. Attach two dowels to the interior sides of each end of a basket and tie a piece of twine to them, constructing a small "clothesline" over the basket of clothing. Use clothespins to attach a few pairs of socks, bibs, or hats to the clothesline to complete the centerpiece. This is a great conversation piece and will be appreciated tremendously by the person having the baby.