2 Methods To Save Water When Watering Your Lawn And Garden

When it comes to making sure your lawn, garden, and landscaping all look incredible, the watering system you have installed in and around your yard can make a big difference. You want a system that works well and doesn't waste water and increase your water bill unnecessarily. Here is some insight to saving water with an efficient watering system for your garden and your lawn.

Lawn Sprinklers

Just as your home's shower head and water faucet can be installed with a low-flow sprayer to reduce and conserve your water use, you can install lawn sprinklers in your yard that use quite a bit less water than older styles of lawn sprinkler heads. You can install a set of rotary spraying nozzle heads or a pulsating sprinkler onto your existing sprinkler system to use much less water than a traditional sprayer nozzle and also run on a lower water pressure. Using a lower water pressure on your lawn sprayers can also reduce the wear on the sprinkler head from the water pressure and reduces the chances of a break to occur. 

Many types of lawn sprinklers have an adjustable spray so you only spray the areas of your lawn you want watered. You can adjust a sprayer head to spray out in one direction and in a small degree of spray, or you can increase the degrees of spray to include a larger area of spray. Then, there are sprinkler heads with a nozzle that sprays water out at a long distance and another nozzle to spray water onto the area of lawn between the distance. This ensures that your sprinklers spray water to all areas of your yard efficiently.

Check a local home and garden store or home improvement store for the newest water saving and low-flow lawn sprinklers so you can conserve water, keep your lawn healthy, and save on your home water bill.

Drip Irrigation

Low-flow water efficient lawn sprinklers are great for watering your lawn, but using this same type of aerial water spray in your garden can lead to water loss and waste. A drip irrigation system delivers water right to the roots of each of your plants. 

A drip irrigation system is a system of tubes, drip emitters, and soaker tubing set up to deliver water right at the base of your plants. This eliminates water evaporation and runoff that can occur by watering your garden with aerial sprinklers. And the delivery of water right to the roots eliminates a majority of weed seeds getting watered in your garden. This, in turn, eliminates the time you spend weeding in your garden.

Check at a local home improvement store for drip irrigation systems. You can likely find a starter kit to get your irrigation system started, then buy any additional tubing and emitters to expand it to fit a larger-sized garden. Click here for more info on this topic.