Making Your Outdoor Patio Usable All Year Long

Having a great space outside is wonderful in the warmer summer months but when the weather gets too warm, it can make that same great patio space too hot to use. Managing the warm days with the very hot ones is hard but there are some ways to get around the summer heat and still enjoy the time outside.

Covering Your Patio

One of the best ways to extend the use of your patio or outdoor space is to cover it. A patio cover will cut down on the sun, creating some shade and relief from soaring temperatures as well as keeping the rain off you. There are many options for patio covers. You just need to find the one that fits your needs and works best on your patio.

Picking a Style

When it comes time to cover your patio, you will need to select a style of cover that works for you. There are freestanding units that have posts to support them, there are retractable covers that mount on the side of your house, and there are even complete screen rooms that offer covers over the top as well. Start by considering how you will use the cover and if it will be up more often than not. You need to remember that winter weather can damage the cover so you will want to take it down unless you live in a climate where winter weather means 70 degrees instead of 90.

Picking A Material

Most covers come in several material types. There are lightweight, breathable covers and there are heavy covers intended to be more water resistant. Picking the kind of cover that will fit your use style is important. If you intend to use the patio cover to shade you and your guests, the lightweight option is great. It is easy to put up and take down and will provide that much-needed shade. But if you want a cover that you can use during rain, be sure to look at water resistant options.

Hiring An Installer

You can get awnings and patio covers that are intended to be installed by the homeowner but the best quality covers are typically sold by companies that offer installation as part of the sale. If you have the choice, having the cover installed for you can save a lot of frustration. An installer has the tools and knowledge to put the cover up, make sure it is secure, and show you how it works. Let them do the work for you then enjoy your new covered patio space for years to come.