How To Clean And Maintain A Metal Roof

Not only do well-maintained metal roofs look attractive, they are known to be long-lasting and durable as well. If you choose a roof made of mostly recycled metal, they can be both eco- and budget-friendly as well.

If you desire a rustic, cabin-style look, you can go with a natural silver metal roof to give your home a rural, woodsy appeal. Metal roofs are also available in a wide range of colors, such as black, brown, bright or slate blue, gray, terra cotta, red and even green, to coordinate with any home design style. 

Metal roofs may also be more energy-efficient that their traditional asphalt counterparts as they tend to keep structures cooler in the hot summer months when installed correctly. If you live in a cold climate, look for a metal roof style that features interlocking panels for strong wind resistance. 

Although metal roofs are generally easy to take care of, you'll need to maintain it on a regular basis to keep it looking and performing its best. The better you treat your metal roof, the longer it will last, so its worth the time and effort.

Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning your metal roof on an annual basis:

1. Check the gutters for debris and build-up each spring. Autumn leaves, along with twigs and other natural elements, can get stuck in your gutters and clog them up. Either remove the build-up yourself or hire professionals to do it to keep rainwater flowing smoothly. 

2. Inspect the metal panels for any kind of damage, such as punctures or perforations, which can cause water and air leakage. Even though the metal panels are strong, they can still be subject to cracking, especially around heating and cooling vents. If you see any compromised areas, treat them with metal roofing sealant that is both water-tight and flexible. 

3. Clean dirt, pollen, bird excrement and other debris from the roof by treating it with a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner made for use on metal. Hire a professional roof-cleaning company or do the job yourself with a pressure washer set to "low." Cleaning the metal roof annually will help prevent corrosion, and keep the panels shiny and attractive. 

4. Tighten loose fasteners, such as screws or bolts, which can also compromise the integrity of your roof. When installing your metal roof, be sure to place all fasteners in raised areas so that they don't sit in pooled water, which can result in rusting. Check out sites like for more information.