Fix Up Your Master Bath Before Selling Your Home: 3 Important Tips

If you are in the process of selling your house, then it's important that you make sure your master bathroom looks as good as possible. People really go crazy for a really nice bathroom. Likewise, they will get really turned off at an ugly bathroom. It can be a big mood killer to see mold, cracked tiles, or a janky looking shower curtain. So, if you are looking to get your house sold, consider implementing the three following suggestions.

Regrout and Recaulk Everything

If you are not planning on doing a complete overhaul, such as installing a new tub and all new tile work, then should definitely take care of the grout and caulking. You will want to bring in a contractor and have them remove all of the old caulking, even if it's not moldy, and lay new caulk. This will look super clean and fresh. It's better to do a complete overhaul as opposed to patchwork. This way the caulk colors will all match and you won't be stuck with older, darker shades of caulk.

Likewise, you want the grout to be redone. It's better to have them come in with a tool and remove all of the old grout as opposed to you using a toothbrush and trying to scrub it clean. This is because, over the years, the grout will have gotten thin in spots, and while you might have grown accustomed to the look, other people might immediately notice different grout coverage. So, have all the tile joints re-grouted.

Replace Any Cracked Tile

While you don't have to replace all the tiles, you definitely need to replace the cracked tiles. You can have the tile setter come in and have the chisel out the old tiles and lay the new ones in. Then they can reseal the tile and the grout can be reapplied.

Ditch The Shower Curtain and Install a Glass Shower Door

Finally, one improvement you should give serious considerate to is a glass shower door. People will be much more impressed with a nice looking glass shower door, either a sliding design or a swing out door, than they will by a shower curtain on a flimsy rod. These glass doors really boost the luxury like mood in the room and people love them. When someone sees a really beautiful glass door on a shower, they get the image of a fancy house, or a nice luxury hotel. This is definitely not what the vibe they get when they see a shower curtain.

You can choose plain glass, or frosted glass for privacy. You might also want to choose a tinted colored glass to match the fixtures (such as a golden tinted glass if you use gold plated fixtures). For more information, talk to a professional like Glasshopper Schor Glass.