Three Uses For Goblets At A House Party

If you're hosting a house party and have a set of Simon Pearce glassware goblets that you wish to use, you don't necessarily have to offer beverages in them. While punch, alcoholic beverages, and other drinks are perhaps most common in goblet-style glassware, the versatility of this type of vessel means that you can fill it with a wide range of things. Offering different food products in your goblets is especially ideal if there isn't going to be a sit-down meal at your party, as your guests can easily hold their goblets as they stand to eat. Here are some choices for things to put in this glassware.

Chilled Soup

Chilled soup is a valuable addition to any springtime garden party, and the refreshing nature of this cool appetizer is something that your guests will appreciate. Serving chilled soup in bowls is the norm, but this option won't suit your gathering if people won't be sitting down to eat. Your Simon Pearce goblets can be the perfect type of glassware for serving your chilled soup, as your guests will easily be able to enjoy it with a soup spoon — and may even put the goblet to their lips to enjoy that tasty last drop.


The list of desserts that you can prepare in your Simon Pearce goblets is almost endless. One of the exciting things about serving dessert in goblets is that your party guests get individual desserts, rather than have a serving of the dessert plopped on their plate from a larger bowl. Individual fruit and custard, trifle, ambrosia salad, and many other desserts are all ideal to serve in this manner. Just be sure to pair the desserts with spoons that are long enough to reach the deepest part of your goblets, as your guests won't want to leave any dessert in the glassware.


Not every salad needs to be enjoyed in a bowl or on a plate. Provided that the individual ingredients in your salad aren't too large and cumbersome, you can easily build salads in your Simon Pearce goblets. One of the nice things about doing so is that you can layer your salads, if desired, to give them a stunning visual effect when you serve them. If the salad you choose to make is best served chilled, you can assemble all of the individual salads in your goblets and place them in your refrigerator until it's time to serve them.