How To Plant Wildflower Seeds Around Your Property

Do you love how wildflowers look when you go hiking? If you like the look of wildflowers when you are out in nature, you can get that look on your property with some wildflower seeds.

When to Plant Wildflowers

The two best times to plant wildflower seeds are in the autumn before the ground starts to freeze up, and in the spring after the last frost is over. If you decide to plant your wildflowers in the spring, you'll want to plant them as early as possible in the spring so that your wildflowers have a chance to take hold over the weeds that may be fighting for the same area.

Preparing the Ground

Wildflower seeds can grow just about anywhere. If grass and weeds can grow in that soil, then wildflowers will be able to grow there as well.

You are going to want to clear the ground before you plant your wildflower seeds. You are going to want to prepare the soil for the seeds. If there are already weeds in the area where you want to plant your wildflowers, put wet newspapers over them. This will smother the weeds after a day or two.

Then, dig out the soil and flip it over to make it loose, and put a little air in it. You can till the ground if you want to plant the wildflowers over a large area. You don't need to till deep though; a shallow till will do.

Get Rid of Grass and Weeds

Try to pull up and remove as many weeds as possible from the area. They will compete with the wildflowers. You can leave grass intact though; grass and wildflowers co-exist better together.

Drop the Seeds

Now that the ground is ready, just drop the seeds into the soil and cover them up. You don't need to drop the seeds very deep into the soil. They just need to be covered with a few inches of soil.

You should water the area after you plant the seeds. You don't need to drench the area, just lightly water it a few times. Wildflowers don't need a lot of water to thrive, so a few light watering should do, and then your wildflowers can rely on the natural rainfall.

You may also want to put a little fertilizer on your wildflowers. Use one that has a low nitrogen level, and this should help your wildflowers flourish.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of different types of wildflowers. Some come back year after years, and others have to be replanted to return again. For more information on wildflower seed packets, contact your local flower shop.