Keep Your Outdoor Fountain Algae-Free

A beautiful garden fountain is a great addition to your home's landscaping design. However, when the water is dirty, cloudy or full of algae, the overall look of the fountain will go on the decline. Fortunately, keeping your fountain clean is not an impossible task, but it does require the right approach. Learn what steps you can take to keep your fountain looking its best.

Proper Placement

You can do a lot to keep algae growth away, or at the very least, to a minimum by placing your fountain in the right location. By far, one of the best things you can do is to put the fountain away from the sun, in a shady area. If you don't have any areas that are completed covered by brush, place the fountain in the shadiest area you can. Algae flourishes in sunlight. So, the more exposure, the more the risk for growth. 

Fresh Water

Your fountain should only be filled with fresh water. Using clean water might seem like a wasteful practice, but when you don't use freshwater, you only increase the likelihood of algae forming, and for the algae to form fast. If you have a small fountain, you may be able to fill it up with distilled water bottles. However, for a large fountain, you should install a water filtration system to keep the water fresher.

Regular Cleaning

No matter what additional measures you take, if you aren't cleaning the fountain, then you will face algae growth at some point. Algae don't just feed off sunlight, but can also feed off bacteria in the fountain. Once the algae set in, it's not going to go away on its own. Regular cleaning puts you in front of the problem. How often you need to clean your fountain varies based on your climate. However, if you notice any algae in the fountain or it looks dirty, know that it's time for a cleaning. 

Cleaning Solutions

Consider adding a cleaning solution to the fountain, such as bleach. Bleach is great to add to the water because it kills many of the organisms that lead to algae growth before they have a chance to take shape. However, if you have fish in the fountain, do not put bleach in the water. Additionally, you should also contact the company where you purchased the fountain from to ensure that the material of the fountain is safe for contact with the bleach water. 

Make sure you remember that your effort matters the most. The more you work towards keeping the fountain clean, the better. For more information on how to buy unique outdoor fountains, contact your local garden center.