Remodeling Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Seem Larger

A small bathroom can seem uninviting unless you take steps to make the space feel more airy and open. Fortunately, this task is relatively simple to complete if you know the right tactics. Although you may not be able to increase the space in the bathroom, you should be able to make it at least feel like a larger room.

Choose light colors

Light colors are key to making a space feel larger. In a bathroom, white is a crisp, clean-looking option that reflects the light and makes the room seem more open. Avoid dark colors on walls; save those colors for accents such as towels and rugs. The floor tile should also be white or at least very light in color. Also, opt for a light shade for the grout between the tiles. A dark grout on light tiles creates a highly visibly grid design, which breaks up the space and makes it seem smaller.

Bring the tile onto the wall

A tried and true method of making a space feel larger is to blur the line between the floor and walls. In a bathroom, this is best done by bringing the floor tiles up the wall. You may have seen this done as part of the shower surround, where the same ceramic tiles used on the floor are also used to tile the walls in the shower space. You can do this for the entire bathroom--no need to limit it to the shower. By bringing white tiling up to chair rail height and combining it with a wall painted a similar color, the space can feel much larger than it really is.

Increase floor space

Although you can increase square footage, you can increase the open space in the room. For a full remodel, the quickest way to increase open space is to swap out a large shower surround with a space-saving corner model. A pedestal sink is another space-saving option, compared to the old cabinet and vanity systems that are used in standard size bathrooms. By going as small as you are comfortable with when it comes to showers, sinks, and toilets, you can make the room feel larger.

Open up the shower

Most bathrooms feel small because the shower is cut off by a dark curtain. Replacing the curtain with a see-through or frosted glass shower surround makes the space feel visually larger. If you used the same tile on the floor and in the surround, the shower space will be integrated into the bathroom's design so that the open concept will look nicely tied into the rest of the room.

Contact a bathroom remodeler for more help with bathroom tile remodeling.