How To Protect Wood Flooring In Your Home Gym

In terms of conveniences, it doesn't get much better than having a gym right in the comfort of your home. However, with the addition does come an added layer of responsibility, especially if the floors in the space are crafted from wood. Whether you already have the wood floors installed, or it's an update you have coming up on your radar, learn some important care tips to protect the floor.

Professional Installation

Start off on the right path by hiring a professional to install the floors. Shifting is a common concern when wood is not installed correctly, as the panels can sometimes move. As a result, moisture can penetrate the underside of the floor and cause a rotting process that initiates from the bottom up. 

When you consider all the movement inside the space, even a slightly loose panel can promptly be moved out of position. At the same time, professional installation will also include an important sealing process that will help protect the floor.


When you visit a fitness center and they have signs up about what types of shoes you have to wear, it's for a reason. Bring the same rules to your home and always wear tennis shoes in the gym. Any shoes without a smooth bottom can actually scratch the finish on the floor, which will make it more damage prone. 

You should also have a dedicated pair of gym shoes that you don't wear outside so that you don't have to worry about tracking in dirt and moisture that can also damage the flooring. 


In terms of actual maintenance, one of the most effective, yet practical things that you can do is to clean the floors often. When you sweat or lay on the floor, moisture and oils from your body will settle onto the wood surface. Neither of these elements is good for wood, particularly in excess. 

If more than one family member will use the space regularly, you might just want to be proactive and sweep and mop the room weekly. If your schedule won't permit this level of consistency, workout out on something like a yoga mat to keep the oil and sweat off the floor. 

Ensure you rely on a professional for all your needs. Whether it's installation or maintenance, a professional will be able to answer your questions and handle all your concerns, so don't hesitate to seek assistance.