Why Roach Infestations Are Always A Threat And How To Keep The Pests In Check

One of the most common insects that pest control companies fight is the roach. Roaches can infest clean and dirty homes alike. They can crawl inside under the door from a clump of wet leaves or they can hitch a ride inside a paper grocery bag. Here is why these bugs can grow out of control fast and how you can control them in your home.

Why Roaches Are Such Problems For Homeowners

One reason you can have a roach infestation before you know it is that roaches tend to stay hidden unless the infestation is a huge one. The bugs generally come out at night, and you're most likely to see them when you turn on the kitchen light in the middle of the night and see them scurry across the floor. The bugs stay well-hidden, too, in such places as under the refrigerator and under the kitchen sink so you don't run across them during your usual activities. The more clutter you have in your house, the more hiding places you create for the bugs.

Some roaches, like the German cockroach, get in your house when they're carried inside, and they live indoors most of the time. Other roaches, like the American cockroach, live outdoors or indoors. They thrive in sewer systems and under piles of wet leaves. They can invade your home at night if there's a crack under your door or around your window. Roaches pose a constant threat to your home and they can spread diseases since they crawl over unsanitary places outside.

How To Control Roaches

Keeping roaches under control usually requires several steps. You might need to alter your landscaping so there are no wet leaves or wet mulch near your home. In addition, apply weatherstripping around doors and windows so roaches don't have easy access to your home or they will come inside looking for food and water. Repair leaky pipes because damp areas attract these bothersome pests. Your pest control company may use bait and residual pesticides to kill bugs that are in your house. In addition, chemical treatments might be applied that alter the growth and development of the pests.

You may need intensive treatments that even include vacuuming up the bugs if you have a heavy infestation. Once your infestation is under control, regular preventative treatments and motoring for signs of roach activity helps keep the roaches gone for good.

While you might not know you have a roach problem at first, you'll eventually see bugs crawling on your floor or wall, and you may see their droppings and notice their odor. At the first sign of an infestation, call a pest control company for help so the bugs won't crawl all over your kitchen and spread germs on your floors, countertops, and dishes.