A Few Things To Do Before New Gutter Installation

Rain gutters are an important part of your home and any outbuildings. They are not merely there to keep water from pouring down on you as you go into and out of the building. Their true reason is to keep rain water from falling off the roof and accumulating around the foundation where it can cause serious damage. It is important that you properly maintain your gutters and know when it is time to replace them. Before you contact a company about residential gutter installation when you need to replace the ones you currently have, here are a few things that need done.

Remove Old Gutters

While you could pay to have the installation team remove the old gutters from your home, you can save money and do it yourself. However, you need to be careful when doing this so you do not cause any damage to the siding and fascia of the building. Do not just rip the pieces down, but carefully unscrew each piece. 


While you are taking down the old gutters, inspect the siding, fascia, and roofing underneath each piece. Mark any area that needs to be repaired. Once all the gutter pieces are removed, make all the repairs to the outside of the building. If you are not sure of how to replace a piece or cannot tell if there is more damage underneath the siding or roofing, contact a professional to come and inspect everything. They can also do the repair work if necessary. It is not good to simply replace the gutters on damaged wood or siding, as it will quickly become loose and fall off.

Paint or Side

If you were considering painting the building or adding a new siding, now is the time to do it. Any work done will require the gutters to be removed, so take advantage of them being off to get the work done. This will not only save time on the work, but also save you from damaging good gutters in the process.

Inspect your gutters after every storm and periodically throughout the year. Keep them clean, and contact a professional to do repairs when necessary. When you notice they are not keeping the rain from around the foundation any longer due to pieces pulling away from the roofing or too many leaks, it is time to have them replaced. Discuss the different options available with the gutter installation company to ensure you get the ones that will best suit and fit your home.