Mice In Your Home? You Could Have Other Pests As Well

Mice are scavengers, as are a lot of other pests. Mice are always looking for food and water and will go anywhere to find it. If you have mice in your home, you know two things, that they are finding food and water, and that they were getting into your home somehow. If they are finding these things, most likely other pests are as well. There's a pretty good chance that if you have mice, you most likely have other pests as well. Read on for information about mice, including what you can do about them and any other pests you may have in your home.

What Other Pests Could Be In Your Home?

Other pests such as ants and roaches may also be in your home if you have mice. Ants and roaches will both feed off of the feces left behind by mice, and can also feed off of whatever it is that mice are eating themselves. If you have seen any signs of mice such as the little black pellets mice leave behind, there's a pretty good chance that you are also going to see signs of ants and roaches as well. If you find the nest of a mouse, you may also see these pests near the nest.

How Are They Getting In?

Mice can be getting into your home via the smallest of entrances. If you have a cracked seal around your door, and they can get their heads inside, they can get into your home. If you have a small crack in your foundation, or in the wood around your window, they can be getting into your home. Again, if the mice can get in, so can other pests. You need to make repairs to these areas around your home and prevent mice and other pests from getting inside.

How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

If you have seen the signs of mice or other pests, you need to take action to get rid of them. For mice, you're going to need to set traps anywhere that you've seen their droppings. Mice usually roam along walls, so placing traps along walls near where you've seen droppings can help to trap them. If you've found their nest, you can set a trap near the nest. Use bait to lure them to the traps. If you've found what they've been getting into, you can use whatever it is as bait on the traps. For the other pests you've found, if it's ants or roaches, you can use poisonous baits for these pests as well.

If mice are coming in, so are other pests. Seal your home against pests and get rid of the mice, as well as the other pests. If you can't seem to figure out how they're coming in or how to get rid of them, hire an expert to do this work for you. Contact a company near you to request mice extermination services