Use Small Pieces Of Lumber To Create A DIY Bath Mat

Lumber can help you to build an addition to your home or tackle any type of other major projects, but you shouldn't overlook the small things that you can also do with wood. When you visit a local lumber supplier, you'll see wood in all sorts of sizes. Instead of buying large 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 pieces, consider those that are smaller in diameter. There are many options, and these pieces can be instrumental in helping you with various do-it-yourself craft projects around your home. One popular idea is a DIY wooden bath mat, which you can build out of cedar lumber. Here are some reasons to take on this project.

It Elevates The Look Of Your Bathroom

Getting rid of your cloth bath mat and replacing it with a homemade wooden one will immediately elevate the look of this part of your home. This lumber element may help to give your bathroom a spa-like vibe, which can especially be an appealing goal in a master bathroom. It's ideal if you can lightly stain the wood to closely resemble any other wooden elements that you have in this space. For example, if you have a wooden window ledge that has a reddish stain on it, staining your wooden bath mat to match will work well.

It Won't Require Regular Attention

When you have a cloth bath mat, you'll find yourself dealing with it in different ways on a consistent basis. For example, you might hang it to dry after each use, as well as put it in the laundry every week to ensure that it keeps a clean appearance and a fresh smell. Over time, the amount of time that you spend dealing with this type of bath mat can be considerable. This won't be the case with a wooden bath mat. While it will obviously take you some time to make, it won't require anything afterward. You won't need to hang it to dry nor launder it.

It Can Add A Pleasant Scent

Cedar emits a gentle scent that many people find pleasant, so adding a bath mat made of this wood may improve the smell of your bathroom to some degree. While some people use air fresheners in this part of their home, others find that these scents can cause irritation. Natural scents such as cedar are unlikely to have any side effects to those in your family who use the bathroom. Visit a lumber supplier to browse its selection of small pieces of wood that you can use for this DIY project.