Three Benefits Of Patio Chairs With Built-In Cup Holders

The patio chairs that you have in your outdoor living space can provide hours of comfort as your family and guests relax in the fresh air. If you're shopping for new chairs to replace a set that is either outdated or in the early stages of disrepair, you'll want to consider a number of factors. Your new patio chairs should be in alignment with your sense of style and any decorative elements in your outdoor living space, while also offering a comfortable shape. Some outdoor chairs have built-in cup holders in their arms, and while this feature might initially seem minor to you, it's important to be aware of the benefits that it can provide.


The biggest benefit of using a patio chair with a built-in cup holder is that it will be able to hold your drink for you. Without this feature, you'd face two options: holding your drink in your hand or using a nearby table. Each of these scenarios has challenges. You might not want to hold a drink in your hand if your hands are occupied, such as if you were playing a board game. If you were to keep your drink on a table, you may need to get up to grab it multiple times. Built-in cup holders will help to avoid both of these issues.


A chair that has a built-in cup holder can provide a degree of comfort for your guests. People often carry a number of things in their pockets, and sitting with these things can be uncomfortable. For example, a wallet or a pair of keys can dig into someone's body when they're seated. You'll almost certainly find that when some guests sit down on your new outdoor chairs, they'll empty some of their pockets and use the cup holder to hold their wallet, keys, and cellphone. If you buy chairs that have a cup holder on each armrest, people can store personal items in one holder and still be able to keep a drink in the other.

Less Clutter

If you were to buy patio chairs without cup holders, you'd need to ensure that there are adequate surfaces on which your guests can place their drinks. This may mean adding a few small tables to your outdoor living space. If the space is small, these tables would be a source of clutter. When you have chairs with cup holders, you'll almost certainly be able to add fewer tables, keeping the space devoid of clutter. Look for these chairs and other furniture for your patio at an outdoor furniture store, such as Nick's Furniture.