5 Benefits Of Cordless Aluminum Blinds

When choosing new blinds, you must decide between corded or cordless as well as determine the best material for the slats. Cordless aluminum blinds offer many benefits when compared to the alternatives. 

1. Increased Safety

Corded blinds can be a deadly hazard to young children as well as to pets. These cords can pose a strangulation hazard if they get around a neck, or they can entangle around other parts of the body and cause injury. Cordless blinds don't pose this risk since they are operated either via a small hand-powered wand or via an automated system, such as a remote, wall switch, or phone/smart home app. 

2. Better Light Control

One common complaint about blinds, or really any window covering, is you must constantly be available to adjust the opening if you want to control light access in order to maintain home comfort or increase energy savings. If you opt for automated cordless blinds, then you can control how much they are open or closed remotely via an app. There are also automated options that come equipped with light sensors, allowing the blinds to open and close automatically in response to light levels.

3. Easier Maintenance

Aluminum can be much easier to maintain compared to the alternative vinyl blinds options. First, aluminum doesn't break as easily, so you can really scrub if needed. When you combine aluminum with cordless, you get true easy maintenance. There are no cords to become dingy, break, or require replacement or repair. Overall, aluminum cordless blinds should last longer with less hands-on maintenance.

4. Moisture-Resistance

Another concern is if you will be using these blinds in a damp or humid room, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or utility room. Mold and mildew can grow on many types of window coverings, including vinyl blinds. Moisture can cause some blinds, such as wooden blinds, to warp. Aluminum is moisture-proof. If mildew does try to grow it can be wiped off easily with no staining. Moisture won't cause warping or finish damage, and aluminum is highly rust-resistant as well. 

5. Improved Durability

Durability is of utmost importance unless you enjoy replacing your blinds every couple of years. Although aluminum blinds can become bent or dented, they won't crack like vinyl or begin to peel and delaminate like some wooden blind designs. Small dents and bends can easily be straightened, often without any signs that the damage occurred in the first place. If cared for, aluminum blinds can last a lifetime.

Contact a blinds installer or dealer to learn more about the aluminum cordless blinds options that are available to you. 

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