Signs You Need A New Shower Door

Glass shower doors are pretty strong, but that doesn't mean they will serve you forever. You will have to replace yours at some point. It's the only way to ensure your bathroom remains safe throughout. But when should you replace your glass shower door? You should purchase a replacement when you spot these signs.

Outdated Design

It's true that glass shower doors provide your bathroom with a timeless look. But you still need to go with emerging trends to maintain the modern look. So, don't assume your current shower door will remain trendy in five years to come. Probably the current design will be outdated by then. That said, you'll need to replace your outdated shower door with a trendy one.

Noisy Door

Loud noise is another sign your shower door needs replacement. Opening and closing the shower door every day will cause the hinges to wear out. This is why your shower door makes high-pitched noises when you open or close it. It's also possible that your track and frame are worn out, which is why there is a loud noise when you slide the door open Unless you are okay with the squeaking noises, you'll have to invest in a new shower door. 

Stained Glass

Stains on a glass door are easy to remove when you clean them immediately. Unfortunately, some people fail to wipe or clean their shower doors for months. As a result, the door will develop stains that are pretty hard to remove. Moreover, failing to clean the shower doors means they'll eventually discolor. At this point, there is nothing you can do to restore your glass shower door. Installing a new door will be your only option. 

Rusty Hardware

Another sign you need to look for is rust on the door's hardware. Your door will continuously be exposed to moisture, meaning the metallic parts will rust. While it may take time, it's hard to control the rust once it begins to show. A rusty door will make your bathroom look ugly. Besides, rusty hinges will make the door noisy when you try to close or open it.

Visible Damage

While glass shower doors are designed to be strong, old age will eventually catch up. The glass will show cracks, chips, and scratch marks when it ages. Unfortunately, it's difficult to ignore such damage, especially if it's visible to the naked eye. So, if your shower door has these issues, you should start budgeting for a replacement. 

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