A Weed Control Service Can Help You Grow An Attractive Lawn Filled With Grass Instead Of Weeds

Weeds grow at different times of the year. There are cool-season and warm-season weeds, so you have to guard against them all during the lawn-growing season. A good way to get rid of weeds and keep them from coming back is to use a weed control service. Here are things to know about using a weed control service and some things you can do yourself to keep weeds away.

You'll Need Multiple Treatments

Spring is a good time to use pre-emergent weed killers, but you'll probably need treatments throughout the growing season with post-emergent killers too. The weed control service considers the condition of your lawn, the type of grass you have, and the amount of weeds in your yard when devising a treatment plan for killing weeds and keeping them away. This includes choosing the right kind of herbicides and the schedule for using them.

Temperature And Rain Affect The Results

Rain is usually a good thing when using pre-emergent weed killers since the rain is like watering the grass, and that helps the herbicide fall down to the soil. However, rain can sometimes cause the herbicide to be less effective once weeds are mature. If weeds don't die after an application that is followed shortly by rain, the weed killer may need to be applied again.

However, weeds don't die right away, so you have to allow time to see if the treatment works. The outdoor temperature affects how quickly herbicides work on weeds. The colder it is, the longer it takes for weeds to die.

Your Lawn Can Be Used When The Herbicide Dries

Keep your kids and pets indoors when the weed control service works on your lawn. Then allow time for your lawn to dry completely. Once the grass is dry, it's safe for your kids and pets to go back outside.

The herbicides used are safe as long as they're handled and applied properly, so you don't have to worry about having weed control treatments when you have pets or kids.

You Can Follow-Up With Good Lawn Care

When your yard has weeds in it, consider using a bag to collect the clippings when you mow so you don't broadcast the weed seeds. It also helps to control weeds if you keep your grass lush and healthy so weeds can't get started and spread.

This might include using fertilizer, spreading grass seeds to cover bare spots, and mowing on a consistent schedule. When your grass is thick and lush, weeds get crowded out, and your yard looks nicer too.