4 Installation Techniques To Ensure A Weatherproof Siding Installation

Siding is designed to keep moisture and drafts out of the home. Installing new siding requires a few special techniques to ensure it provides the necessary weatherproof barrier. 1. Barrier Repairs Underneath the siding is the substrate cladding, often made of OSB or plywood. Over this is the weatherproof house wrap, which is designed to keep out any moisture or drafts that do happen to make their way under the siding.

Texas History Books & Connections To Treasure

The lore of buried treasure adds a lot of appeal to people, and the world of buried treasure goes far beyond the open seas and pirates. In the state of Texas, the open land and rich history have led to a lot of stories of treasures, maps, and a rich history. Learn how to explore history of Texas books to learn more about treasures buried within the state and the history associated with them.

It's About Clean Water: Signs You Need A Drinking Water System At Home

If you want to make home improvements with your tax refund, now's the time to think about a drinking water system. You might not think that a drinking water system would be a home improvement, but it is. It's also an investment in your family. One of the benefits of a drinking water system is that it focuses on the water you drink. This ensures that you always have access to clean drinking water.

A Weed Control Service Can Help You Grow An Attractive Lawn Filled With Grass Instead Of Weeds

Weeds grow at different times of the year. There are cool-season and warm-season weeds, so you have to guard against them all during the lawn-growing season. A good way to get rid of weeds and keep them from coming back is to use a weed control service. Here are things to know about using a weed control service and some things you can do yourself to keep weeds away. You'll Need Multiple Treatments

Enjoying The Benefits Of Starting And Keeping A Bamboo Tree Nursery

As a budding horticulturist, you might be on the lookout for plants that you can grow and sell to customers. You want to invest in plants that are versatile and beautiful. However, you also may want to choose those that are relatively easy to take care of and resistant to pests. Rather than grow mainstays like ferns or roses, you can opt for plants that are heartier and more exotic. You may generate income from your horticultural business when you start and maintain a thriving bamboo tree nursery.